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Here you will find some information in easy language about health insurance for abroad from Concordia.

You want to travel abroad and be well insured?

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Are you going abroad soon?

Then you might need health insurance for abroad.

This is called international health insurance.


You might go abroad on holiday.

But then you might get ill while you are abroad.

You will need to see a doctor there.

That can be very expensive.

The health insurance pays for the doctor.

That is why you need international health insurance. 


In some countries, the statutory health insurance pays for the doctor.

Please note:

That is often very difficult though.

Because then you have to go to a certain doctor abroad.

And the doctor abroad is very expensive.

The statutory health insurance does not always pay for everything.

Then you still have to pay lots of money yourself.


You might need to be taken back home, with medical assistance on the way.

  • if you are very ill,
  • if you have to come back to Germany straight away,
  • if you have to go to a German hospital.

This is called medical repatriation.


The statutory health insurance never pays for medical repatriation.

International health insurance from Concordia pays for medical repatriation.


And international health insurance from Concordia has a hotline.

You can call it at any time.

Then you can get information like:

  • Which doctor do I have to go to?
  • Where is the doctor?
How much does international health insurance from Concordia cost?

International health insurance from Concordia is not expensive.

We have an online calculator.

You can enter your details into the online calculator.

Then you will be given a price.

Please note:

The information is not in plain language.

Calculate now

But you can ask us questions.

You can find out who to contact here. 


International health insurance for one person costs 12 euros.

Are you 65 or older?

Then international health insurance for one person costs 30 euros.

International health insurance for families costs 30 euros.

Have you got a family member who is 65 or older?

Then international health insurance for the family costs 75 euros.

Family insurance is for

  • You,
  • Your partner,
  • Your under-age children,
  • Your adopted children,
  • Your step-children,
  • and your foster children.

You have to include all their names on the application for the insurance.

What does international health insurance pay for?

International health insurance pays for:

  • treatment abroad,
  • treatment for corona disease,
  • treatment in hospital,
  • the journey to the hospital,
  • operations,
  • medicine,
  • medical repatriation,
  • treatment for problems during pregnancy,
  • treatment for children,
  • search and rescue,
  • a funeral abroad,
  • transport to Germany for a person who has died,
  • somewhere to stay in hospital for a person who is looking after children.

Your child has to go to hospital abroad.

You — as the mother or father — are allowed to sleep in the hospital too.

International health insurance pays for this.

Our service team helps you day and night

And the Concordia service team helps you:

  • Information on doctors abroad.
  • Information on medicines abroad.
  • Information on hospitals abroad.

The service team can also speak to your usual doctor.

And the service team can help you with conversations with different doctors about your diagnosis.

The service team can organise medical repatriation.

And the service team can inform your relatives or your employer. 


You can always call the service team.

Day and night.

From anywhere.

The telephone number is  00 49 51 1 57 01 24 00.

Have you got private health insurance?

Some people would rather have private health insurance.

Private health insurance is voluntary.

The insured person takes out a policy with a private health insurance provider.

Each insured person pays a different amount of money.

Are you paying lots of money?

Then you get even more benefits.

For example, a better room in the hospital.

Or treatment by a senior doctor.

But you always have to pay for the doctor yourself.

You get the money back later.


There is a limit on whether or not you have to have insurance.

Everybody has statutory health insurance.

But some people have a lot more money.

These people can decide:

  • I will keep statutory health insurance.
  • Or I will switch to private health insurance.

Even for people with private health insurance, international health insurance is still worth it.

Have you not been to the doctor at all this year?

Then Concordia will pay you back your money.

This is called a premium refund.

Have you been to the doctor abroad?

And have you got international health insurance?

Then your international health insurance pays for the doctor.

And you still get money back from your private insurance.

Please note

All this information is about the latest international health insurance of Concordia.

Have you already got international health insurance?

Then the benefits could be slightly different.

Your international health insurance might not pay out all the benefits.

Have you got any questions?

Then speak to your contact person at Concordia.

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Note: The services shown here refer to the current Concordia product. In the case of a contract concluded at an earlier point in time, the scope of services may differ. Benefits may be presented here in abbreviated form - the exact scope of benefits can be found in the insurance conditions. For more information, please get in touch with your Concordia contact.

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